We believe in new generation and young talents. Monovi invests in University students by providing seminars ad training programmes to increase the awareness and technical knowledge about the software development technology in general. Our seminars not only targeting technical skills improvement but also covering managerial soft skills such as project management and business analysis.

Monovi provides these seminars and short training sessions under the umbrelle of Incubation Academy, so called INCUDEMY progremme. This is fully voluntary initiative led by Monovi and created a dedicated web site for INCUDEMY, which you can Access fromhere.

Primary objective of INCUDEMY is to prepare University students to the post-graduate life, provocate them to learn new technology and methods which will bring them additional value in their future business life.

Monovi opens the door to professional life to young talents and may offer jobs to successful INCUDEMY graduates, when they graduates. You can register for free to Incudemy web site to follow next seminars and training sessions.